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Why use the latest version of Google Chrome?

Because Google Chrome supports the latest HTML5 technology (WASM / WebWorker / ES6, etc.), and has the world's leading performance.
In addition, all functions are tested using Google Chrome when developing programs.
In order to run the program normally, it is highly recommended to use Google Chrome.

digression: In addition to Chrome / Firefox / IE / Safari and other browsers have ten years of experience in the development and mastered the core technology, other browsers almost all of Chromium to a few years ago Take the code and make a set of skins, and then make some magical changes for commercial benefits, and launched a browser with a certain name. So I suggest everyone to use Chrome.

Click here to download the Google browser Chrome
Chrome supports many systems: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS.
You can download the corresponding Chrome installation package on each system.

except Chrome have any other choice?
Some browsers will also support the latest HTML5 technology in time, such as Firefox browser, Apple Safari browser, etc.
I tested Firefox v74, basically no problem, almost all functions of the program are normal.
In addition, if your current browser does indeed use all the functions of the application, it does not matter if you do not change the browser.

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