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  • it365 Comparison Tool

    This program can quickly compare the differences between two documents and find the location of the text modification. Support Word document, Excel table, txt text comparison. You can quickly compare the two files by dragging the two files to the webpage with the mouse~
  • it365 File Decoder

    it365 File Decoder can automatically identify various encoded text files, such as: GB2312, Big5, UTF-8 and so on. This decoder is small but very powerful. Support for dozens of encodings, support automatic detection of file encoding. A web page program can solve the problem of file garbled, code conversion and so on.
  • it365 PDF conversion image tool

    it365 PDF conversion image tool Can quickly convert PDF documents into pictures.
    Features: Free! Fast and incredible!
  • it365 Image Steganography Program

    This program is used to make pictures (hide something in the pictures), and make fun, mysterious black technology in pictures that look ordinary!
    Import a picture and other files. After the program is processed, you will be prompted to download the picture. This picture is a picture type file, and other files have been hidden in this picture.
    You can play a variety of tricks on seemingly normal pictures~
    Try it quickly! Just 1 second, you can hide other things in the picture~~~~You can use on your phone and computer~
  • it365 Split GIF in Frames Tool

    Split animated GIF in Frames. If you want to split the animated GIF into image frames, or if you want to view the GIF animation frame by frame, this program can help you solve it. This program can be used on both mobile phones and computers.
    Features: Fast speed, Experience! Try it now.
  • it365 Black and white photo batch converter

    it365 Black and white photo batch converter can convert color pictures to black and white photos, support importing multiple files at once, and batch conversion to black and white photos.
  • it365 Picture text recognition Tool

    An OCR picture text recognition software, choose a picture to quickly recognize the text of the picture, it is simple and convenient to use. It is very effective for recognizing text and extracting text in PDF scanned images. Supports batch recognition of text and downloads all results (TXT) at once.
  • JS Anywhere

    JS Anywhere is a JavaScript programming tool developed by the it365 team that allows mobile phones and iPads to program and run programs anytime, anywhere.
  • it365 Thunder Link Converter

    it365 Thunder Link Converter can convert the Thunder download address to the original URL, for example, convert the Thunder link starting with thunder:// to the http URL (real link).

Find Something

  • it365 Link Finder

    Batch extract URL links, Thunder link, magnetic links, eMule links, etc. If you want to extract a link from a certain webpage, copy the content of that webpage, paste it into the input box of this program, and the link will be extracted. In addition to web pages, it also supports TXT, word, excel, pdf, HTML, etc.
  • it365 号码归属地查询 Phone Attribution Local Batch Query(for China)

    it365 号码归属地查询 Phone Attribution Local Batch Query(for China) can batch filter mobile phone numbers (support word, Excel, etc.) from a large number of text content, and query the attribution of mobile phones in batches. Thousands and tens of thousands of mobile phone numbers can also quickly query the attribution.
  • 365银行卡信息查询软件


Data Processing

  • it365 Phone Book Helper

    Main features: Quickly import contacts from the Excel table to your phone.
    Importing the contact information of the Excel form to the mobile phone is a hassle, and this program specifically solves this problem.
    Usage method: Copy the contact information of the form to this program, click the download button, you will get 1 address book file, send the file to the phone, click import this file in the address book APP, everything is completed.
  • it365 VCF Viewer

    How to open VCF file? With it365 VCF Viewer, you can quickly open the .VCF file and view the contents of the address book, such as: view the phone, mobile number, email address, address, company, etc. stored in the VCF.
    Select a VCF file and you can view the contents of the VCF right away (can be used on mobile phones and computers).
    The program will convert the data of the VCF address book into a table and display it, and can also quickly copy it to an Excel table, and quickly import VCF contact information into a spreadsheet.
  • it365 Web Table to Excel Tool

    Instructions for use: If you need to import the table in a web page into Excel, first copy the entire web page content and paste it into the input box of the program. The program will automatically recognize all the tables from the input content and download the table file with one click.
    You only need to copy the webpage and paste it to save the webpage table as an Excel file.
    Importing an Excel spreadsheet into a web table is as simple and fast! There is no need to cumbersome operations such as "importing external data" and "new WEB query" in Excel.
    Paste some web tables into Excel and display them incorrectly. You can also use this program to solve them. It is recommended to use Chrome Google Chrome to access this program, browsers such as IE may not be normal.
  • it365 Excel File Converter

    Converting table files to TXT/CSV files, you can batch convert multiple Excel tables into TXT, and you can combine the contents of Excel files into one TXT, which is simple and easy to use!
  • it365 Excel Tables Merge Tool

    Quickly and batch merge multiple Excel table files, simple and easy to use!
    Dozens of table files can be quickly combined into one file. Can be used on mobile phones and computers.
    Support xls / xlsx and other table file formats.
  • it365 File Merge Tool

    Quickly and batch merge multiple TXT files, easy and easy to use!
    Thousands and hundreds of text files can be quickly combined into one file. Both mobile phones and computers can be used.
    In addition to TXT, you can also merge CSV files, merge CSS files, merge JS files, and merge VCF (vCard) files. In principle, you can combine various text files.
  • it365 Large File Split

    Hundreds of thousands, millions of lines of large TXT files, how to split small files, this program can help you solve (txt / csv / log and other files are supported).
    How to use: 1, set the interval symbol for subdivision; 2, set the number of split files, 3, import large files, and then the program will automatically split large files. After processing, it will automatically download a zip file. After decompression, it will be split. Small files.
  • it365 Subtitle conversion text tool

    You can quickly convert subtitles to text, srt subtitles to txt text / word documents, vtt subtitles to convert text. Import the subtitle file, and you can immediately see the converted text.
    You can import multiple subtitle files and convert them to text in batches.
    Support importing srt, vtt (web vtt) subtitle format. The program will automatically delete the redundant information such as the timeline of the subtitles to get pure text, which can be downloaded as TXT, Word (docx).
  • it365 CSV Converter

    CSV Comma Separated Value File Converted to Excel Table (xlsx), CSV to TXT Text, supports batch conversion of CSV files. Simple and easy to use!

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