it365 File Merge Tool

Release Notes

  1. 2.0.0

    • New features: it365 File Merge Tool supports sorting by file name, manual sorting, and sorting files in the order you want.
    • Manual sorting can be sorted according to your own needs. You can move the file order at random, 1st, 10th, or 1st and 10th, and sort by the way you want. Custom sort, random. Sorting is not a problem.
    • The combination of TXT novels and e-books has become simple and fast.
  2. 1.1.0

    • New features: it365 File Merge Tool supports the consolidation of file byte content, basically as a universal file merge tool, non-text files can also be merged, but the merged bytes, some files directly merge bytes are not useful. But for very large CSVs, the file encoding is the same, you can use this program to do the merge.
    • Significantly improved performance, file encoding detection speed, file decoding, file content preview speed has been greatly improved.
    • In theory, it365 File Merge Tool supports up to 1-2GB of file merge, normal 1MB-100MB file merge, browser should not crash, there is no maximum limit for test file merge, for the best experience, it is recommended Use Chrome Google Chrome. Windows + Chrome test merges 100MB files and it doesn't have any jams at all. It's very smooth.
    • Repair: The encoding detection of the TXT small file (about 10 bytes) got the wrong result and is now fixed.
    • Tips: it365 File Merge Tool can be directly combined into a UTF-8 encoded file for a variety of different character encoding files, and will not be garbled. The program is automatically compatible with a variety of differently encoded files and saved to a file using a uniform encoded output. Chinese GB2312 and UTF-8 and other garbled can also be quickly merged!
  3. 1.0.0

    • it365 File Merge Tool is officially launched, specifically addressing file merging issues.
    • it365 File Merge Tool can quickly merge TXT text files. Other text files also support merging, which is simple and easy to use.
    • it365 File Merge Tool can be used on Android phones, Apple phones, and computers, so that mobile phones can quickly merge TXT files such as e-books and novels.