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Release Notes

  1. v2.1.1

    • Optimized the analysis of differences in Chinese, English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, etc. According to the language features, automatically switch between character comparison and word comparison.
    • When it365 Comparison Tool is analyzing the difference, the display is being processed, and the program jam is completely unresponsive when large amounts of data are avoided.
    • Do some performance optimization.
  2. v2.1.0

    • it365 Comparison Tool supports HTML source code comparisons.
    • it365 Comparison Tool supports source code comparisons for various programming languages: Java, Javascript, Python, Go, C/C++, PHP, SQL, Ruby, Rust, Objective-C, Swift, and more.
    • it365 Comparison Tool can be used as a code comparison tool online (web), similar to TortoiseGit, TortoiseSVN.
    • When fixing the HTML code comparison, the display is not normal.
    • When the text is compared, the addition and deletion of spaces are not normal in the comparison results.
  3. v2.0.0

    • it365 Comparison Tool supports mobile access! Using HTML5 responsive layout, it is very convenient to handle content difference analysis and text difference comparison on mobile phones and computers!
    • it365 Comparison Tool A text comparison tool for iPhone, Android, and PC!
    • it365 Comparison Tool supports quick copying of text content discrepancies, pasting into Word, Evernote, and keeping new and deleted colors in your analysis.
    • it365 Comparison Tool supports the statistics function. The difference comparison results directly show how many new places are added and how many places are deleted. It is really convenient to see how many places the Word document has been modified.
  4. v1.0.0

    • it365 Comparison Tool is officially online and automatically analyzes textual differences. When the original file is modified and updated, this program can help you see the different points before and after the update
    • it365 Comparison Tool's contrast view, borrowing Git, SVN code to modify the contrast view, the view is concise and clear, you can see the modified and deleted content through the color, the document's modification record is clear at a glance.

Thank You

Thank You
This program is developed from the beginning to the end, from scratch, and can not be separated from everyone who is enthusiastic.
This program uses some open source software in addition to the code written by the team. Thanks to the programmers who contributed to open source, thanks to the selfless dedication programmers who open their own code and contribute to the whole society and become all human beings. Common resources that can be used.
Sincerely thank you.